David Gnatzy

Bio Futura 2.0 fully operational again

First and foremost, we wish you all the best for 2021, a year in which we deliver the final blow to the pandemic and slowly resume our old life. We sincerely hope that your business thrives or finds its way forward again. After a week of stock and system updates, we are as always at your service with a complete range of compostable packaging materials made from renewable materials.

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Closed: Bio Futura in transition!

On December 30th and 31st, our webshop will be closed for maintenance, no orders can be placed or processed.

On January 1st, our webshop will reopen, but orders will only be processed from January 11th due to our annual inventory and an update of our ordering system, wherein our entire range will be switched to full-carton quantities. From January 1st we will no longer be offering the products per unit.

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Household plastic recycling is a disaster; can biobased plastics be part of the solution?

Plastic recycling

From the 8 billion metric tons of plastics which have been produced since the 1950’s hardly 10% has been recycled. Recycling of plastic waste is problematic in general, but this pertains especially to the highly polluted, fragmented mix of household plastics. To make anything useful out of this diverse stream is increasingly becoming a herculean task. With the global production of plastic set to double within the next 15 years we need swift and concrete solutions. Marginal gains won’t get us out of this recycling mess. Fortunately, there are ways to solve it and biobased materials are part of the answer.


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