About us

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About us

We are an enthusiastic and international team that is specialised in compostable tableware and packaging made from 100% renewable resources. For more than 10 years, we offer sustainable alternatives for traditional plastic disposable tableware. Not only do we offer advice about our products, but we also share information on our sustainable partners that can help you to compost or recycle them after use. Together we work on circular solutions. This makes us the specialist in sustainable disposables!

Our products

Our sustainable products are all made from natural raw materials and can be composted or recycled after use. Our disposables and packaging are compostable according to EN-13432. This European standard guarantees that products will fully biodegrade within 9-12 weeks or less in an industrial composting facility.

Our mission

We have one clear mission: replacing as much single use plastics with sustainable alternatives as possible. We choose, without any compromise, for compostable disposables and packaging made from renewable resources only. Together with our partners and customers we work on a circular economy, reduce our carbon footprint and prevent plastic waste.

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