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You can customize your packages at Bio Futura, environmentally friendly and with a personal touch!

With us you can not only buy sustainable and compostable packaging, but also customize it. A large part of our assortment can be personalized according to your wishes. Packaging with a logo or text is a great way to personalize your products, while at the same time increasing your brand awareness.

Customize options for packaging

Except for a few exceptions, many of our products are printable with your own design. The type of printing can vary, it can be a logo or just a text, or the whole product can be fully printed with your design. The exact options vary depending on the product and material, which also applies to the minimum quantities.
A selection of printable products can be found below:

Coffee cups
Bioplastic cups
Ice cream cup
Soup containers
Bread and sneaks bags
Takeaway bags
Biobox customisation

Is the product of your choice not available? Please contact us for further information. Often there are other solutions, such as the printing of a sticker with your own logo or text. In addition a branding of our wooden cutlery is also possible.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.

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