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Row 1 Picture 1

Name: Wouter Moekotte
Position: Founder and owner
Description: Wouter is the owner of Bio Futura B.V. Within the company Wouter is responsible for corporate strategy and projects. 

Row 1 Picture 2

Name: David Gnatzy
Position: Operationeel directeur / Director of Operations.

Row 1 Picture 2
Name: Linda de Kooter
Position: Purchase

You can contact her on purchase@biofutura.com and +31 (0)10 7370797
Row 2 Picture 1
Name: Nadine Rozenbrand
Position: Sales Consultant NL/BE

You can contact her on nadine@biofutura.com and +31 (0)6 2118 1458
Row 2 Picture 2

Name: Antje Schubert
Position: Sales Representative DE (West and North)

You can contact her on a.schubert@biofutura.com and +49 (0) 163329 9098

Row 2 Picture 3

Name: Eliza Sava
Position: Sales Representative FR

You can contact her on eliza@biofutura.com and +33 (0)6 6357 1890

Row 4 Picture 1

Name: Ekaterina Smid-Gankin
Position: Sustainability Consultant

You can contact her on ekaterina@biofutura.com

Row 4 Picture 2

Name: Soraya de Waard
Position: Content webshop

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