Printed paper snack bags

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Let's customize your paper snack bags!

We have a very large range of paper bags. From flat bags over block bottom bags to snack bags. They are ideal for packing your products and also can be personalized and thus advertise your brand. Custom made or printed logo.

Print options:
Our paper bags can be imprinted on one or two sides, as well as all bread bags, with a minimum take-off quantity of 10,000 pieces. Here max. 4 colors. The delivery time is 8-10 weeks after confirmation of the final print.

Custom made:
These bags can not only be printed, but also be customize in other formats. MOQ is here 50,000 pieces. This depends on format and design.

We are happy to help you. If only the logo has to be printed and we receive a qualitative JPG file from you, we can create a design for free. For more complicated designs we will charge you extra according to time.

Interested? If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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