Closed: Bio Futura in transition!

On December 30th and 31st, our webshop will be closed for maintenance, no orders can be placed or processed.

On January 1st, our webshop will reopen, but orders will only be processed from January 11th due to our annual inventory and an update of our ordering system, wherein our entire range will be switched to full-carton quantities. From January 1st we will no longer be offering the products per unit.

Full carton - Full power to sustainability

Throughout this year, you may have used your creative entrepreneurship skills more than ever and possibly even made adjustments in your business model. We as a company are looking ahead too, continuously trying to improve ourselves and adjusting to the present circumstances. 

Taking this into account, from October we started to offer a larger portion of our products only by full cartons, and no longer in units. This brought us to analyze the experiences internally as well as to take into account your valuable feedback.

We have noticed several positive effects:

  • The order cycle is more efficient
  • The processes and our warehouse planning are more efficient
  • The returns are fewer
  • It is easier to focus on product innovations and incorporate them into the range

Your feedback is also encouraging:

  • Storage is clearer
  • The ordering process is easier
  • The logistics costs decrease
  • The focus on the core range works better
  • Less waste through less transport packaging

Bearing this in mind, we will apply this change to our entire range. This consistent change enables us together to take a big leap in the environmental impact of the ordering processes. More efficient warehouse logistics, transport and much less packaging contribute to a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

To implement this change, Bio Futura will be closed from December 30th until January 10th. Orders can be placed via our webshop from January 1st, but they will only be processed starting from January 11th. Therefore, please take into account that delivery will take a bit longer than usual.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our client service if you have any further questions or comments.

Opening hours

December 28th & 29th Customer service may be limited. Orders placed online will be processed as usual.
December 30th & 31st
Our online store and customer service are closed. 
January 1st till 10th Annual inventory and updating of the ordering system. Our online store is open, all orders placed online will be processed from January 11th. Limited customer service.
January 11th Warehouse and customer service are operating on their regular schedule: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The processing of orders placed between January 1st and January 10th will begin, order processing delays, of 1-2 working days, are possible.


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