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Sugarcane plate square 15 cm


Sugarcane plate square 15 cm

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With our 15cm square compostable plates you get a flat surface. These plates are perfect for when you want to present your small dish more elegantly. Due to their size and the rim they are more suited for appetizers and other small hot/cold dishes. The plates are heat, moisture and grease-resistant. Bagasse is sugarcane fibers and are a natural renewable resource. Our square plats are fully compostable.
Bagasse is renewable resource that we use for these square plates. Bagasse is also called sugarcane fibers. The sugarcane production extract the sugar-rich juices from the canes. The discarded canes are usually burned. Our manufacturer uses these leftover canes to be turned into a pulp and slurry. Moulding machines then turn the slurry in these square disposable plates. Because our bagasse plates are made from a natural resources the are certified compostable according to EN-13432 standards.
More information
More information
Compostability: DIN CERTCO (EN 13432)
Compostability: DIN Geprüft Industriell Kompostierbar (EN 13432)
Compostability: TÜV Austria OK Compost (EN 13432)
Compostability: TÜV Austria OK Compost HOME (EN 13432)
Product Specifications
Length (mm) 156
Width (mm) 156
Height (mm) 15
Colour White
Raw Material Sugarcane
Pieces per Unit 50
Units per Box 10
Pieces per Box 500
Boxes per Pallet 60
Box Length (mm) 360
Box Width (mm) 330
Box Height (mm) 180
Box Net Weight (kg) 7
Box Gross Weight (kg) 8
EAN Unit 8719189127287
EAN Box 8719189127294
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