Greentable and Bio Futura - bringing sustainability to the table

While grocery shopping, it is nowadays hardly impossible to find packaged food without nutrition labels in a supermarket. Other than menu’s in restaurants, noted the founders of Greentable, who are not always transparent about the ingredients they use. Greentable’s vision: concious. local. sustainable.

This led to the creation of Greentable, an information web portal for sustainable gastronomy services. Through this channel Greentable offers, in collaboration with German restaurants, partners and  food critics, consumers the opportunity to make greener choices. The ultimate goal is that the next generations of consumers will continue to make conscious and healthy decisions.

At Bio Futura we are continuously building sustainable partnerships with parties who share common values in order to strengthen our vision.  An example of such collaboration is our partnership with the German company 'Greentable'. Since Greentable’s foundation in 2014, we have set up a campagne called 'Restlos Genießen' for which our FSC® Bio Take Away Box was created. Together we aim to increase environmental awareness by offering solutions against food waste.

Beste Reste Box

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