Home compostable paper coffee cup 6 oz / 180 ml white

| Home compostable

Home compostable paper coffee cup 6 oz / 180 ml white

| Home compostable
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This single use paper cup is free of any (bio)plastic coatings and one of the most sustainable options. They can be used for all hot (approx 70°C maximum) and cold applications. Made from 100% paper, with a waterbased barrier, they are leakproof, and suitable for coffees, hot choloates, water or small juices. Considering they are made only from monomaterial (paper pulp) without a coating, they are well recyclable and repulpable with paper waste. These plastic free beverage cups are, of course, also fully (home) compostable certified according to EN-13432.

* Not suitable for beverages with high alcoholic content.

Fits: CPLDCP07

These waterbased barrier beverage cups do not have a seperate (bio)plastic coating and are therefore exempt from the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Ban, effective July 3rd 2021. They do not have to bear the mandatory SUPD markings. We of course advise you to always dispose of these home compostable and recyclable cups in the most sustainable way available after use. Littering is never acceptable.


These paper cups cups are made in the EU (France) from renewable materials. The main component is paperboard from cellulose, coming from sustainable managed forests. The barrier properties, which are needed to make the cups leak proof, are achieved by using water-based dispersions.The coating components form an inseparable mono-material with the virgin cellulose fibre. This means that in contrast to most other single use beverage cups where multiple layers are used, these cups are made from one single layer and are easily recyclable within existing paper recycling systems. The material is 100% recyclable and repulpable as paper waste. The paper cups are also certified home compostable and can thus even be discarded in a compost bin.

More information
More information
Compostability: TÜV Austria OK Compost (EN 13432)
Compostability: TÜV Austria OK Compost HOME (EN 13432)
Product Specifications
Height (mm) 79
Diameter top (mm) 72
Diameter bottom (mm) 54
Colour White
Raw Material Wood
Min. heat resistance (°C) 0 °C
Max. heat resistance (°C) 70 °C
Grammage (g/m²) 276
Pieces per Unit 1500
Units per Box 1
Pieces per Box 1500
Boxes per Pallet 18
Box Length (mm) 405
Box Width (mm) 270
Box Height (mm) 650
Box Net Weight (kg) 8,44
Box Gross Weight (kg) 9,66
EAN Box 83053310067334
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