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What is FSC®?
FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is a foundation. FSC was founded in 1993 in Brazil to counter the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest. Today FSC is the worldwide standard for sustainable forestry. Currently there are more than 185 million hectares of forests certified.

FSC ensures that all registered forest plantations only cut down trees according to very strict norms and regulations. In a nutshell this means that, every year only a predetermined part of the forest can be cut down, to preserve the natural environment for the flora and fauna. Also the rights of the local inhabitants and forest workers are respected.

FSC enforces these 10 rules and principles:

  1. The forestry complies to the national/international laws, international treaties and agreements & principles of FSC.

  2. Property and usage rights for the land and forest products are clearly defined, noted and legal.

  3. The formal and traditional rights of the local inhabitants of the land are acknowledged and respected.

  4. Through forest management, the long-term social and economic well being of the forest workers and local communities is preserved or improved.

  5. The products and facilities of the forest are used to such an efficiency, that the social and ecological functions of the forest are protected and preserved.

  6. The biodiversity, unique eco-systems and other ecological values of the forest are protected and preserved.

  7. A management plan is drawn up and applied. This management plan is always updated and contains a clear description of long term goals and resources.

  8. The condition of the forest, the harvest, the supply chain and the management activities are regularly assessed. The social and ecologic effects are also assessed.

  9. Forest management in forests with a high cultural and ecological value is carefully executed so that traits and properties are preserved and reinforced.

  10. Forest plantation have to managed according principles 1 till 9. Forest plantations can serve as additional wood harvest from natural forests so that exploitation of those natural forest is slowly decreased. In same time, the preservation and recovery of the natural forests should be stimulated.

When a company wants to sell FSC® marked or certified products, the company is obligated to join FSC. From the forest till the shop, this way the end-consumer is guaranteed that he buys genuine approved FSC certified wood products.

FSC Group certification
Already for years we have been selling FSC certified wood products en we want to show that we stand behind and support the principles of FSC. Since March 2016, Bio Futura BV has been added to the group certificate under registration number SCS-COC-000652-ZT. On our website you can recognize FSC products by the product description, for example: FSC birchwood fork. Furthermore, on our invoices and packing slips products are clearly marked as FSC. Our FSC products are: wooden cutlery, wooden boats and napkins.

There are different FSC labels that we used for our products. The type of label used is dependent on the composition of the wood/paper product. When for example, the wood of a product is 100% sourced from an FSC certified forest than the 100%-label is applied. There are in total 3 labels:

For a product of which all the wood comes from a FSC certified forest, the 100% label is applied.

For a product that consist out of a combination of wood material from FSC certified forests, FSC Controlled wood and/or recycled material, the Mix-label is used.

For a product that contains a minimum of 85% wood from post-consumer recycled material (and the rest out of pre-consumer material), the FSC Recycled label is applied. With paper products, all raw materials need to be of recycled content and every ratio between pre and post-consumer recycled material is allowed.

FSC Range
We sell FSC-certified wooden products on our website. The FSC products can be recognized by their product descriptions and on their product page, the relevant FSC claim and our certification number (via group certification at DuraCert) are then mentioned on the product page. Paper products are FSC certified where possible and can be easily recognized by their product description (for example. Napkins 1-ply 16 x 9 cm unbleached FSC®). All the relevant information can be found on the product pages.

We are certified under number SCS-COC-000652-ZT.


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