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Name: Wouter Moekotte
Position: Founder and owner
Description: Wouter is the owner of Bio Futura B.V. 
Within the company Wouter is responsible for corporate strategy and projects. 

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Name: Marc Beckers
Position: General Manager
Description: Marc oversees day-to-day operations within the company and is responsible for the structure within Bio Futura. 

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Name: Marianne van den Berg
Position: Customer service NL and Marketing
Description: Marianne is responsible for the Dutch customer service and marketing. 
Get in contact with Marianne under  and +31 (0)10 737 0 797

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Name: Thi Thuy Duong Pham 
Position: Customer Service DE
Description: Thuy is responsible for the customer service in the Germany and also projects. 
You can reach her on  and +49 (0) 89 64 96 66 95

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Name: Aurélien Manducher
Position: Sales Representative & Customer Relations FR
Description: Aurélien is responsible for the French market and customer service. 
Get in touch via and +33 (0) 1 79 73 20 70

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Name: Tobias Zitz
Position: Key-Account Manager
Description: Tobias is our Key-Account Manager and helps our key-accounts with their questions and projects. 
Get in touch with Tobias directly under and +31 (0)10 737 0 797
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Name: Paul Hoogeveen
Position: Outside Sales Representative NL
Description: Paul is our sales representative for the Dutch-speaking market and would like to come and visit you to discuss what we can offer.
You can contact Paul under +31 (0)6 211 814 58 and
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Name: Ekaterina Smid-Gankin
Position: Sustainable Program Developer 
Description: Ekaterina is safeguarding our sustainable course and works together with our sustainable partners to strenghten this course. For more information, you can send Ekaterina an email to:

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Name: Philipp Nikolaus
Position: Outside Sales Representative DE (East and South)
Description: Philipp is our sales representative for east and south Germany. 
You can contact him on and +49 (0) 176 2462 9487

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Name: David Gnatzy
Position: Design & Product development
Description: At Bio Futura David is responsible for corporate design. 
Besides design he also focusses on developing new/existing products.
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Name: Marije Huijser
Position: Purchasing and Stock Control
Description: Marije is responsible for all the purchasing and stock control within company.

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Name: Astrid Oomens
Position: Accounting and Administration
Description: Astrid controls the bookkeeping of Bio Futura and responsible for the creditor and debtors.  
Astrid can be reached on and +31 (0)10 737 0 797

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