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Compostable plates made from bagasse
These appetizer plates are the smallest in the Clover-line and have the dimensions of 10 x 10cm. The plates are very elegant and could be combined perfectly with the other plates from the Clover-line. These plates are perfect for small dishes.
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Pack 80 items
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"Elk bedrijf dat gebruik maakt van verpakkingsmateriaal zou ik op dit moment naar Bio Futura doorverwijzen. Wat ze doen is geweldig voor onze planeet, de producten voelen kwalitatief en hun aanbod is enorm breed. Perfecte one-stop-shop voor de foodsector volgens mij. Verder denken ze super goed mee met je specifieke wensen!"

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These bowls are designed by Bio Futura and have a premium quality and finish. Because of their very nice shape the Clover plates are perfect for any high-end catering or dinner party. Especially when combining them with other plates from the same line your table will be complete. Our plates can be used for any hot and cold dishes. These small appetizer plates are very nice to use for small dishes. Since they are made from sugarcane fibers they are fully compostable.
Our Clover plates are made from bagasse. These sugarcane fibers come from the sugarcane production. The canes are crushed to extract the sugary juice. After that the leftover empty canes are collected by our manufacturer. They grind the canes into a pulp . This pulp is then moulded into these plates by special moulds in production machines. This way we use a natural renewable resource to produce our plates and making them 100% compostable under EN-13432.
More information
More information
Boxes per Pallet 32
Box Height (cm) 214
Box Length (cm) 505
Box Width (cm) 320
Box Gross Weight (kg) 6,6
Box Net Weight (kg) 5,6
Pieces per Box 800
Pieces per Unit 80
Units per Box 10
Compostability: Vinçotte OK Compost (EN 13432)
Colour White
Raw Material Sugarcane
Product Specifications
Height (mm) 24
Length (mm) 96
Width (mm) 96
EAN Box 8719325075793
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