PLA Shortage

Because of the huge increase in demand for sustainable alternatives for regular plastic disposables, there is a worldwide shortage of PLA (resin) at the moment. We’re happy more and more consumers choose for biobased products, but unfortunately this is temporarily causing stock problems for some of our products.

Worldwide only a few factories produce the raw material for our PLA products. To meet the much bigger than expected growth in demand producers like NatureWorks are their improving their production capacity, this however will take some time. Next to this recent floods and tornadoes in the have affected the harvest of the raw material.

Based on forecasts we have reserved stock at our suppliers. Since the demand for the raw material is huge we expect that there will be some (more) stock issues for the following products PLA:

  • Cold cups and lids
  • Portion pots
  • Salad bowls and Clamshells 
  • Deli containers

If products are not on stock for a prolonged time, we’ll keep you informed when new stock is to be expected. This information can be found on the specific product page of these products.

There is currently no definitive date when this issue will be solved. We maintain regular contact with our suppliers on the current situation and any progress that is being made.

Fortunately we have more than enough sustainable alternatives:

PLA cold cups > Paper hot cups, not just for hot drinks, but also very suitable for cold, refreshing drinks

PLA salad bowls and clamshells > for salads we have ample alternatives in cardboard and sugarcane

Because of the shortage we unfortunately can not offer custom printed PLA cups till the end of December. Do you need printed cups in 2020? Notify us on time, so we can reserve stock for you!

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