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The raw material for our eco-friendly sugarcane plates is bagasse. Bagasse is a by-product from the sugarcane production and is harvested and manufactured in Asia. After the sugar-rich juice is extracted from the sugarcanes, the leftover canes are collected and turned into pulp. With the addition of water the pulp is turned into paste. This paste can then be pressed into any desired form, creating plates, bowls and even menu boxes.

Due to the high cellulose and fibre content of bagasse, the disposable plates, menu boxes and bowls of sugarcane are very stable and even suitable for the oven (up to 200 °C) and the microwave (750W). Besides the heat-resistance, the sugarcane disposables are also grease and moisture resistant, making them suitable for any hot or cold dish. Because our disposable sugarcane range is made from a natural renewable resource, it is 100% compostable and certified under EN-13432.

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