Printed stickers

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Biodegradable stickers are a solution for packaging and disposable articles, which unfortunately can not be printed. The stickers can be ordered from relatively small quantities. Stickers with a logo print is therefore a great way for start-ups and smaller businesses to personalize their products.

Material, size and color
As with normal stickers and labels, there are many options in terms of material, size and color. There are various types of paper, including paper from sugar cane fibers. Also transparent stickers made of bioplastics are possible. For this purpose the material is made of Natureflex or PLA. Stickers with a logo are a relatively simple solution and it does not have to be equally expensive. However, this depends on the size and selected print. Small and simple formats are, of course, cheaper than more complex and larger formats.

Certified compostable
The stickers are made of biodegradable material. In addition these stickers are certified according to EN13432. So it goes perfectly with our compostable packaging.

Interested? If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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