Composting machine 

As an additional service and sustainable solution, Bio Futura offers our clients the option to purchase a composting machine, which can accelerate the composting process of our packaging and disposables.

With the help of an unique bacterial culture the composting machine converts organic waste, which can be a combination of biodegradable disposables and food scraps, into clean odourless compost and biogases within 24 hours. No more strong-smelling containers or vermin at the place of installation. Moreover, from every 100 kg of organic waste only 15 kg of compost is produced. In total that is a volume reduction of 85%, which can lead to a considerable reduction in waste disposal costs.

The composting process is relatively simple next to the easy installation and maintenance of the machine. Organic waste can be added throughout the whole day and the machine only needs to be emptied once a week. The compost is either for private use or can be collected by a waste removal service.

If you would like to receive more information on this subject, please contact us. 

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