Coffee cup 12 oz / 360 ml


Coffee cup 12 oz / 360 ml

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Our 360ml coffee cups are quit big making them ideal for tea and lattes. These coffee cups have our standard print, so that your customer can see that they are compostable. The 360ml disposable coffee cups are certified according to EN-13432 and 100% compostable.

Fits: CPLC1012 | CPLDCP1012B | SCLDCP10

This compostable paper cup is subject to the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Ban, effective July 3rd 2021. Beverage cups made partially from (bio)plastic have to bear a marking that shows that the product is made from (bio)plastic, how the product needs to be disposed of after use and give information about the detrimental effect of litter.

We are currently selling out the remainder of our stock, bought before July 3rd, which does not yet bear the markings. This sustainable product can still be bought and used after July 3rd as long as the current stock lasts.

Our new stock will bear the mandatory markings (see below) through a print. For cups without a printed marking, the marking can be applied through a sticker till July 4th 2022.


The compostable disposable coffee cups are made from natural materials such as sustainably sourced cardboard and PLA. PLA is a bioplastic derived from corn starches which we use to line the inside of the cups. These materials combined make our coffee cups 100% compostable and certified according to EN-13432.

More information
More information
Compostability: DIN CERTCO (EN 13432)
Compostability: DIN Geprüft Industriell Kompostierbar (EN 13432)
Product Specifications
Height (mm) 110
Diameter top (mm) 89
Diameter bottom (mm) 58
Colour White
Raw Material Wood/Corn
Min. heat resistance (°C) 0 °C
Max. heat resistance (°C) 90 °C
Grammage (g/m²) 285 + 35
Printable Yes
Printable from 50.000
Full Colour Yes
Pieces per Unit 1000
Units per Box 1
Pieces per Box 1000
Boxes per Pallet 12
Box Length (mm) 368
Box Width (mm) 467
Box Height (mm) 530
Box Net Weight (kg) 11,2
Box Gross Weight (kg) 12,7
EAN Box 8718868048721
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