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PEFC is basically the same as an FSC® certification. Both certification types ensure that the wood and paper used, comes from sustainable forestry. PEFC was established in 1999 by 11 European countries. The difference is that PEFC is a national standard, and FSC® is a global standard. When a certain country already has a certain standard of sustainable forestry, they can apply for a PEFC certification. Bio Futura BV has been registered in the PEFC group certificate under registration number SCS-PEFC/COC-000652-FH.

At the moment our bread bags and block bottom bags are PEFC certified. We will brand these products as 70% and 100% PEFC certified.

PEFC Assortment
We only sell PEFC certified wooden products on our website. The PEFC products can be recognized by their product descriptions and on their product page, the relevant PEFC claim and our certification number (issued by DuraCert) will be mentioned. Paper products are usually PEFC certified and can be easily recognized by their product description (for example: PEFC Kraft bloomer bag with PLA window L). All the relevant information can be found on the product pages.

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