Top seal system

Top seal system: circular solution for food take-away and delivery

The current developments in the world force us to make major adjustments to how we think, survive and even thrive in difficult times. More than ever, the last year has accelerated the adoption of take-away and delivery for all kinds of food businesses. Here we can offer hope to help to make sustainable choices. This will shape the way we’ll be approaching delivery in the future. Because, after this is all over, one thing is certain, sustainable take-away and delivery are here to stay. At Bio Futura we continue to offer an extensive range of biobased and compostable food packaging and tableware solutions, enabling our customers to conduct their businesses more sustainably.

With this in mind, one of the latest exciting additions to our product range is the all-in-one professional and semi-automatic top seal system to prepare, pack and heat-seal meals safely and hygienically for take-away and delivery! This system is composed of certified biobased and compostable trays, a semi-automatic heat-sealing machine and compostable sealing film designed to work perfectly together.

Restaurants, cafeterias, canteens e.g. can now have a reliable, fast and safe system to pack and seal quality food in compostable trays, made from renewable raw materials of European origin. An overall ideal circular solution for catering, canteens and restaurants to promote take away of both hot and cold meals.

The benefits of the top seal system at a glance 

Quick and easy to use: Trays can be hermetically sealed in about two seconds. Suitable for sealing more than 200 meals a day!

Hermetic and hygienic: Every tray is hermetically and hygienically sealed, which guarantees the absence of contamination and spillage during transport.

Practical and versatile: the trays can be reheated in every type of oven (traditional and microwave) and stored in the freezer and fridge. 

This sustainable packaging solution is foodsafe and fully compostable.

Have a look at the top seal system.

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