The quality mark for composting over the last twenty years: the Seedling logo!

The Seedling logo is a registered trademark founded by European Bioplastics. This trademark is a quality mark for products and packaging, which are certified industrially compostable according to the European standard EN 13432. The Seedling logo may be only be featured if the respective compostable product is tested and examined by the independent certifier DIN CERTCO from Germany. When successfully certified with the compostability mark, the product will fully biodegrade in an industrial composting plant within a few weeks. Otherwise the compostable product can be disposed in the organic waste collection. More detailed information on regional specifications can be obtained from municipalities or waste management authorities.

20th anniversary

This year the Seedling logo is celebrating its 20th anniversary at DIN CERTCO. Since 1997, DIN CERTO has certified compostable products and awarded the compostability mark “Seedling”. During the last 20 years, their certification scheme was constantly updated to meet the requirements of the markets and to be in line with the technical progress.At Bio Futura the Seedling logo is an important characteristic of our products. This mark is widely acknowledged and it creates confidence among customers; it helps to identify product/packaging and the correct disposable option. Moreover, it facilitates correct waste separation, collection and recovery.  

                                                                             Seedling logo - compostability
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