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PEFC - Sustainable sourcing of wood and paper

Wood and paper packaging is interwoven through our everyday lives in undeniable ways.
To ensure the continued availability (for production) of wood products, such as paper and cardboard, it is necessary, next to recycling, to manage forests sustainably. PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, promotes worldwide sustainable forest management through forest certification and the products that come from (these) certified woods. At Bio Futura we carry various certificates, including PEFC, to provide our clients with insight and assurance that our products are sourced in the most sustainable way. For the purchase of our products, our suppliers have to meet strict requirements regarding sustainability and quality. In this article we focus specifically on PEFC; what does PEFC stand for and how can this internationally recognized certification be obtained.

Climate-friendly wood products and responsible forestry

Sustainable forestry means that every tree harvested is replaced with another one to ensure that forests can recover and, simultaneously, continue to supply certified timber, which means that there is never more harvested than needed. A tree grows through its leaves capturing CO2 - also greenhouse gas emissions - and releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere. Moreover, the production of wood products generates comparatively few CO2 emissions. The amount of CO2 stored in wood, paper and carton is much more than the emissions caused in the production. As long as the wood is  used in products and not burned, CO2 does not return to the atmosphere. The CO2  storage can even be extended by recycling the product at the end of their life.

Control of the supply chain 

The market for certified sustainable wood and paper products is currently expanding rapidly as result of an increasing focus on climate change and climate policy. Forests and trees are a cornerstone of addressing climate change, as are products made of wood - if they originate from sustainably managed forests, in line with PEFC. The PEFC label is exclusively available on PEFC certified wood, paper and carton, securing our supply of responsibly sourced (raw) materials. From a PEFC certified forest, certified wood can be harvested. PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in forests and to ensure that all products are produced with respect for their ecological and social standards. This means all stages of transfer and production to the final consumer as an end product have to be tracked and certified with a PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC). More specific: wood flows at any stage of production, which includes harvesting, transporting, handling and/or processing. Subsequently, a PEFC certification can be awarded through third party audits. 

Some figures

There is a wide availability of PEFC certified materials. PEFC is the world’s leading forest certification system. Over 300 million hectares, almost 10 percent of all forests, are certified to PEFC’s internationally recognized Sustainability Benchmarks, supplying more than 20.000 Chain of Custody certified companies. This allows our PEFC products to be tracked back completely. Ultimately, only if forests are managed sustainably, we can keep using this renewable source. For more tailored information about our PEFC certified products, please contact us through our customer service.

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