‘Beyond green borders’ presentation at the PEFC conference ‘Green washing or Green business ’- Empack fair

During the last edition of Empack, one the biggest packaging fairs in the Netherlands, Bio Futura was invited by PEFC, a quality mark for sustainable paper and wood products, to give a presentation about sustainable packaging, the topic was  ‘Green washing or Green business’. This event provided an important opportunity to tell more about the challenges that we face as a sustainable company. An important occasion, because “sustainability” is increasingly used as a catch all for corporate social responsibility or addressing environmental issues. In this presentation we wanted to talk about our company’s core values and share our vision on sustainable entrepreneurship, which will hopefully inspire others.

Flowers Green

Essential: a sustainable vision and mission

At Bio Futura we aim for the most sustainable form of doing business i.e. ‘green business’, but what does green business mean? What makes a business sustainable? First of all, for a company it is necessary to have a strong vision and mission with sustainable objectives. These objectives must also be realised in practice. Naturally this creates an area of tension. Sometimes it is difficult to make choices between idealism and commerce, in other words: sustainable innovation or growth of  business. The emphasis should, however, be on the incorporation of green principles. Unlike the other overarching theme of the conference that was about companies that use the term “sustainability” as a marketing ploy to further their commercial gains. Not a development we should welcome, and besides, as “greenwashing” firms not only do not deliver the sustainability they promise and may therefore even have a negative impact on consumer trust. For this reason we wanted to underline our core values as we consider ‘integrity’ our trademark.

No compromise

The story behind our products has to fit. We are reviewing our (current) products and services constantly. In essence, this means that we will keep on replacing plastic disposables and packaging for bio-based and compostable alternatives, without making any compromises. 

Value-chain cooperation

In the presentation, we raised the point that our biodegradable and compostable products not always end in a close loop system at waste processing companies. More works needs to be done to ensure an effective recycling and composting infrastructure, because the necessary technology is at present available. As specialists in biobased and compostable packaging, we’re taking this issue very seriously; since we want to be sure that all of our products are separated and processed in the most sustainable way. At Bio Futura we work very hard to achieve this by partnering up with, for example, waste collectors who help us to reinforce this commitment. With our sustainable partners we can go beyond green borders and bring our our complete vision and mission into practice.

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