FOCUS ON: Tableware from fallen palm leaves (Part 2)

FOCUS ON: Tableware from fallen palm leaves

‘A nature’s miracle’ is how we at Bio Futura describe our palm leaf tableware. It is about time to
put the spotlight on the many great qualities of the material like its durability, strength and
compostability.Therefore we have created this four part series about palm leaf. In this series,
various characteristics and (environmental) benefits of palm leaf are discussed, which guarantee
that our clients purchase a completely natural product.

palmblad 2

Part 1: quality

The ‘areca palm’ (areca catechu) is a special palm tree, which grows in the warm southern part
of India, among other places. The fruit of the areca palm, generally called areca nut, is cultivated
in appropriated plantations. At particular times these palm trees start to grow new leaves and
shed the old ones. A new leaf only can grow to replace old or damaged leaves that die.This palm
tree shedding is thus a part of its natural growth cycle.The fallen leaves are commonly collected
and burned if not recycled into new biodegradable products.

For our high-quality palm leaf tableware we make use of this agricultural waste stream. No trees
are cut or harmed during our production process. Once the palm leaves are collected by the
local community, they are cleaned and sun dried. This process is completely natural with no
additives, chemicals or coatings applied in each step. Subsequently, the whole palm leaves are
heat pressed into different desired shapes of bowls and plates.

By cleaning the leaves thoroughly before drying, all natural contaminations from insects or soil
are completely removed. Moreover, every leaf is processed optimally by using multiple forms of
one single leaf. This ensures that bigger parts of leafs don’t become useless and are thrown
away either way. Furthermore, it is important that the thickness of the leafs is checked that
finally makes the quality, thickness and appearance of our palm leaf tableware as constant as

In the final step, after the whole leads are pressed, the surface is polished and edges are
smoothed. All this results in our product line of sturdy disposables, with a strong and sustainable
nature. For this reason the uses of our palm leaf bowls and plates are numerous. Would you like
to know more about the material, production process or/and end-of-life options of palm leaf? Be
sure to read our third part of our series about palm leaf tableware or please contact us for more

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