FOCUS ON: Tableware from fallen palm leaves (Part 3)

FOCUS ON: Tableware from fallen palm leaves
‘A nature’s miracle’ is how we, Bio Futura, describe our palm leaf tableware. It is about time to
put the spotlight on the many great qualities of the material like its durability, strength and
compostability. Therefore we have created this four part series about palm leaf. In this series,
various characteristics and (environmental) benefits of palm leaf are discussed, which guarantee
that our clients purchase a completely natural product.

Palm Leaf 3

Part 3: Fair trade
In the previous two posts of these series, the natural characteristics and quality aspects of palm
leaf tableware were extensively highlighted. The production of palm leaf tableware has,
moreover, the added advantage that it allows the local Indian community to support themselves.
In fact, a part of the Indian population is skilled in making palm leaf products, which generates a
source of revenue. 

As a result, there is now a growing network of small palm leaf factories which provide
employment; where employees collect and manufacture the palm leaves manually into palm
leaf tableware; the leaves are washed, cleaned and subsequently heated in the desired form.
Apart from the exceptional quality of our own Thali premium palm leaf tableware, we also want
to make sure that our products are made in proper working conditions and social security. For
this reason we purchase our palm leaf tableware from our Dutch partner, who is in close contact
with the Indian factory, where, interestingly, only women take the lead in management positions.
Overall, our supplier monitors the factory and guarantees a fair-wage income for their

The palm leaf tableware can be perceived as an example of how people live from nature and
use it consciously. Is there actually a better example of circularity, a closed loop system, by
collecting fallen leaves, creating a product out of it, supporting local communities and finally,
returning it to the fields? As for the latter point,  next week you can read everything about the
compostability and biodegradability of our palm leaf tableware in our last part about palm leaf.

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