Coming soon: Sulapac straws

For a sustainable future, we need to mimic natural systems and design products like nature would. The Sulapac® straw fully biodegrades, just like tree leaves, leaving no microplastics behind. Based on sustainably sourced wood from industrial side streams, it can be organically recycled.

Sulapac straws

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Opening hours during the holiday season

During the coming festive season delivery delays could occur between the 29th of November and the 2nd of January.
If you want to make sure that you receive your order in time please allow a bit of extra time by placing your orders in advance.

This year again, our customer service will be limited over the winter holidays to allow everyone to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.
All orders placed online during this period will be processed normally and will be shipped as usual, only delivery times can be longer.

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Inventory 27/09

On the 27th of September, we will do our inventory and therefore orders no orders will be shipped that day. This means that all orders that reach us Thursday, 26th of September, after 2:00 pm will not be shipped until the 30th of September.

Availability by phone - June 11th - Meeting and Teambuilding session

Tuesday the 11th of June from 12 PM our availability by phone will be very limited. This afternoon we will have our yearly meeting and teambuilding session.
Orders through the website (paid directly or placed in invoice) will be processed as usual, emails will be processed the next day.

Wednesday the 12th of June we will be available by phone from 9 AM again.

Simple yet good ideas for a more sustainable festival!

Sometimes it looks like the amount of festivals keeps increasing every year. There is something to do every weekend and we also don’t stop in the winter season anymore. Great for the ones that like to go to a party, but it also has an enormous impact on the environment. More and more festival organisations and event management agencies are aware of this and take measures to make their event more sustainable. Usually this happens with some standard solutions, which has some but little impact on the amount of used energy or the amount of waste. Sometimes, the ideas are a lot more original yet simple and they improve the sustainability and increase the awareness.

Biking for Energy


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Visiting: Familie van Rijk (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Tucked away between some other small businesses and a Hema you find a small shop with a fresh look. The mint green building with the yellow sign stands out between the overall sober building in the street. On the window, it clearly shows what you can expect here. Lunchroom, Food shop and “Brood op de Zaak” (Bread for Businesses). Three different components that form the base of Familie van Rijk, with an extra area where you can buy special beers.

The lunchroom and the food shop are founded in 2016, in an old bakery at the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht (NL). The owner, Raymond & IJsbrand, have known each other for 15 years and have been working together for quite some time. They have been working with us (Bio Futura) for some years now, time to get to know these hard working guys a bit better.

Familie van Rijk The Netherlands 1

Photo: www.familievanrijk

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Spring holidays 2018

In the next couple of weeks there a few national holidays on which our office and warehouse are closed. We would like to make you aware that since we are Dutch company, we have some differences with the holidays in the rest Europe.

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3 polluting products and sustainable alternatives

We are all aware of the environmental impact of plastic bags, packaging or for instance straws. To explain that these are some of the most polluting products in your house might be a bit too obvious. That is why we created a short list of polluting products that you might never thought about. And they are easily replaceable by an environmentally friendlier option.

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Entomophagy: The alternative for meat?

Scientists, specialists and a big part of social media have been telling us this for a while
now: It is necessary to eat less meat. For our own health and for the environment. Time
to take a look at an alternative: Insects!

Years ago, this idea was strange, exotic, scary or even repulsive: eating insects. These are
thoughts many people from Europe might still have when it comes to this subject, but times are
changing. There are already numerous catering companies and restaurants that experiment with
insects in their dishes. Also, a lot of edible insects can be purchased online with complementary
cookbooks of course. 

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