New website features - Detailed product specifications & Amount of products purchased

Detailed product specifications
Good and extensive product information is vital to make the right choice between products. In our old website we tried to create a uniform layout of all product specifications but it proved too big of a challenge to get it right for every product.

In the months before the launch of our new website we have been gathering a lot of product information from our suppliers and by doing our own measurements. The new website also offered us a standardized template where we can easily upload or change the data. Before we went live with the new site, we uploaded all the data into our catalogue.

Now on every product page, below the product images you will find all the relevant and specific product specifications. Such as:

  • How many cartons there are on a pallet?

  • Which certifications the product has?

  • What is   the barcode of the product and carton is?

  • What material the product is made of?

  • Is it oven and/or microwave safe?

  • And many many more!

You might see under specific products that there is also an image with the sizes clearly mentioned on them. That way you get a better feel of how big the product is. We are still busy with adding more dimension images but for a sneak peak, check out our coffee cups.

Amount of products purchased
With more than 260 products in our range, at different pieces per package, we understand that it can be difficult to see how many pieces of a product you are buying. This was one of our key points that we wanted to change on the new website.

In order to be clear about how many products you are buying, we have installed a counting mechanism in the site. This mechanism is shown on every product page, and in the shopping cart.

On the product page you will see the blue rectangular frame with our prices. Under the prices you will see “number of packages” and below that “Total X pieces”. By increasing the number of packages you will see that the total of pieces increases automatically!

Also when you view and edit your cart, you will see the pieces counter displaying the amount of pieces per product.

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