Delivery times during the holidays 2021

This year there is a lot of movement in logistics during holidays. We do our best to continue to provide you with our best service and to guarantee fast delivery.

Delivery delays may occur during the holidays. To ensure that you receive your delivery on time, we ask you to take this busy period into account when ordering and to take into account a longer shipment. Our customer service is also available during the holidays. All orders placed online during this period will of course be processed and shipped quickly. Experience shows that delivery times can be longer due to the generally high number of packages.

Here you will find our holidays at these days Bio Futura is closed. Schedule your orders on time during these periods so that you can be sure that the goods arrive on time.


Easter Monday    Monday April 5th
King's Day             Tuesday April 27th
Ascension Day     Thursday May 13th
Whit Monday        Monday May 24th

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