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Composting is hot! FAQ - Part 2

How long does it take for our compostable packaging to break down?

Food scraps and compostable packaging break down according to different time frames. Generally, how long it takes something to break down depends on several factors, such as the type of material, what kind of composting method is used and climatic conditions (the environment) to ensure high quality compost. A large majority of our compostable packaging is certified according to the European standards for industrial composting EN 13432 and will  disintegrate within a standard time frame, i.e. within a maximum of 9-12 weeks, in industrial composting facilities, where the perfect balance of temperature, oxygen and moisture is efficiently monitored.

Do you offer composting solutions / services for your compostable packaging?

As a supplier of compostable disposables and packaging, we work together with several sustainable partners in order to offer our customers innovative solutions to process and reduce their (organic) waste streams in a circular way. One of our partners offers innovative food waste equipment solutions, such as mobile composting machines for commercial or industrial kitchens that can turn food waste into compost within a relatively short period of time. Moreover, on-site composting can be an exciting opportunity to process your used Bio Futura compostable packaging. Find here a complete overview of our sustainable disposables in various materials and sizes that are suitable for the composting machine. All our products are made from sustainable materials, which come from renewable resources and are entirely compostable. Would you like to know more about composting machines? Our partner can provide your organization and / or company with tailor-made advice and help you take the 'last' steps in creating a successful circular business. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with our partner.

How do I know whether local waste management accepts certified compostable packaging?

Contact your local waste management authority and ask about the disposal methods available in your area. There might be curbside collection options or local drop-off locations that can process certified compostable packaging. Unfortunately, where composting infrastructure exists, compostable packaging is still not always accepted into the program. As a result, compostable packaging is not widespread enough and the commercial/ industrial composting infrastructure is still in its infancy in terms of availability, clarity and viability. Composting is, however, gaining popularity and many initiatives are interested in fostering its growth. 

Is it safe to compost compostable packaging?

No harmful residues or any contaminants are left behind when composting compostable disposables and packaging. Our compostable products are tested and certified according to the European standard for industrial composting EN 13432. As compostable packaging breaks down, approximately 90% of it is converted into CO2, leaving water and biomass as the only remaining byproducts. Furthermore, the EN 13432 standard requires not only testing on biodegradability, but also testing on compostability (ability to decompose during the composting process), and testing on ecotoxicity and heavy metals in order to ensure that no harmful substances are released.

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