BioBag bin liner 20 litre

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20l compostable waste bags
Perfect waste bag for at home. Goes together with our small organic waste bin. 100% compostable according to EN-13432. Store the bags in a cool, dry and dark space. Shelf life is approx. 6-12 months.
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Governments want to encourage consumers to start seperating organic waste at home. We have special small organic waste bin and 20l compostable bags to help you seperate. Seperating organic waste is important because your waste is turned into compost and does not end up in the incinaration oven or landfill. Our waste bags are also made from a breathable bioplastic which reduces the odors produced in the organic waste.
Our 20l compostable waste bags are manufactured from Mater-Bi. Mater-Bi is a GMO-free bioplastic and is made from corn starches. The material 100% compostable according to EN-13432 and produced in the EU. Mater-Bi produces a bioplastic with breathable properties. Moisture in the organic waste will eveporate and the bags will feel a bit damp but odors will be reduced.

More information about Mater-Bi is available on the 'Mater-Bi material page'."
More information
More information
Compostability: DIN CERTCO (EN 13432)
Compostability: DIN Geprüft Industriell Kompostierbar (EN 13432)
Compostability: Vinçotte OK Compost (EN 13432)
Compostability: Vinçotte OK Compost HOME (EN 13432)
Product Specifications
Length (mm) 540
Width (mm) 210 + 200
Colour Green
Raw Material Corn
Thickness (micron) 16
Printable Yes
Pieces per Unit 20
Units per Box 20
Pieces per Box 400
Boxes per Pallet 144
Box Length (cm) 245
Box Width (cm) 178
Box Height (cm) 115
Box Net Weight (kg) 3,16
Box Gross Weight (kg) 3,28
EAN Box 5415169800036
Old Product Code
Old Product Code BWR50018
  • Corn

    Made from the sugars of corn

  • Microwave safe

    This products is suitable to reheat food in the microwave

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