Bamboo Straw 21 cm Wrapped

| 210 x Ø 6 mm

Bamboo Straw 21 cm Wrapped

| 210 x Ø 6 mm
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These all natural drinking straws are made from a 100% renewable and sustainable resource: bamboo fibre. The straws are neutral in taste and sturdy. They do not get soggy, not even in hot drinks. Temperature resistant from -20°C up to 100°C, perfect for cold and hot drinks alike. Bamboo fibre straws will completely biodegrade in a natural way. Absolutely chemical & plastic free, they are the natural choice! These individually packed straws have a paper wrapper for extra hygiene.


The material for the bamboo drinking straws is made by harvesting 100% natural bamboo fibre. Bamboo is a very eco-friendly material since it grows extremely fast and doesn't require additional irrigation or use of pesticides. There are 185,00 hectares of fast-growing bamboo in Taiwan. Just 11,000 hectares would cover the annual worldwide demand of 600 billion, yes billion, straws. The harvested fibre is shredded, dried and ground up into a powder. This powder is blended with natural starchs from agricultural waste streams and pressed into pellets. From these pellets, the straws are formed into a tube through injection moulding. The tube is then cut to measure at the desired length. The production process happens at relatively low temperatures, ensuring low carbon emmissions, and without producing any form of water pollution. These all natural bamboo drinking straws are of course (industrially) compostable, and even biodegradable under natural conditions and this within a few months.

More information
More information
Compostability: DIN CERTCO (EN 13432)
Compostability: DIN Geprüft Industrially Compostable (EN 13432): DIN Geprüft Industriell Kompostierbar (EN 13432)
Product Specifications
Length (mm) 210
Width (mm) 6
Colour Ecru
Raw Material Bamboo
Min. heat resistance (°C) -20 °C
Max. heat resistance (°C) 100 °C
Pieces per Unit 4000
Units per Box 1
Pieces per Box 4000
Boxes per Pallet 21
Box Length (mm) 250
Box Width (mm) 45
Box Height (mm) 235
Box Gross Weight (kg) 7,6
EAN Box 8594199520040
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