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Bordservice & bestik

Bordservice & bestik

Det bæredygtige engangsbestik i vores produkt sortiment inkluderer en bredt udvalg af skåle, bestik og fade. Alt vores engangsmateriale er biobaseret, bionedbrydeligt og kompostbart. Bordservicen er tilgængelige i forskelligt materiale som f.eks. sukkerrør, palmetræ, træ og bioplastik.

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Our sustainable disposables are produced as a single use products and are suitable for hot and cold dishes. The products are sold in small amounts, which makes it also easy to order for smaller partiers, weddings or even birthday parties. The tabelware is a enironmentally friendly alternative for the traditional disposable tableware, often made of plastics.

The tableware is available in different sizes, shapes and made of different type of materials. The sugar cane tableware is made from the waste of the sugar production. In a normal situation, the plants are burned after the extraction of sugar. In this case, the plants are grinded and made into various products such as our plates and bowls. The palmleaf disposables are made of the leaves of the Areca palm. The already fallen leaves are washed, dried and pressed into different shapes. The cutlery is available in two different materials: birch wood and CPLA. The birch is a fast growing tree and easy to maintain. This makes the birch wood a sustainable and easy to use material for products like cutlery. The other material is CPLA, a heat-resistant bioplastic made of cornstarch and fully biodegradable.

All the products are biobased and biodegradable, thanks to the material and the lack of oil-based additives. A big part of the products is certified compostable by EN-13432 and the palmleaf products are produced by fairtrade principles. The birch wood that is used for the cutlery is FSC® certified, along with most of our other wooden products.

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